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    Accession to WTO(加入组织): WT/ACC/*
    Agriculture(农业): G/AG* or G/SPS*
    Anti-dumping (反倾销):G/ADP*
    Balance-of-Payments (国际收支平衡):WT/BOP*
    Customs Valuation(海关估价): G/VAL/*
    Dispute Settlement(争端解决): WT/AB* or WT/DS*
    Government Procurement(政府采购): GPA/*
    Import Licensing(进口许可): G/LIC/*
    Information Technology(信息技术): G/IT/*
    Intellectual Property (知识产权):IP/*
    Market Access (市场准入):G/MA/*
    Ministerial Meetings(部长级会议): WT/MIN*
    Notifications (通告):暂无
    Preshipment Inspection(装船前检验): G/PSI/*
    Regional Trade(区域贸易): WT/REG/*
    Rules of Origin(原产地原则): G/RO/*
    Safeguards(保障措施): G/SG/*
    Schedules of Concessions (减让时间表):GATS*
    Services(服务): S/* or GATS/*
    Special Meetings(特别会议):暂无
    State Trading (国有贸易):G/STR/*
    Subsidies and Countervailing Measures(补贴与反补贴措施): G/SCM/*
    Technical Barriers to Trade(贸易技术壁垒): G/TBT/*
    Technical Cooperation(技术合作):WT/TC/*
    Textiles(纺织品): G/TMB/*
    Trade and Competition Policy(贸易与竞争政策): WT/WGTCP/*
    Trade and Development(发展中国家与贸易): WT/COMTD/* or WT/LDC/*
    Trade and Environment(贸易与环境): WT/CTE/* or PC/SCTE/*
    Trade and Investment(贸易与投资): G/TRIMS/* or WT/TF/* or WT/WGTI/*
    Trade in Bovine Meat(牛肉贸易): IMA/*
    Trade in Civil Aircraft (民用航空贸易):TCA/*
    Trade in Dairy Products(奶酪制品贸易) IDA/*
    Trade in Goods (货物贸易):G/C/*
    Trade Policy (贸易政策):WT/TPR*
    Trade Preferences(贸易优先):暂无
    World Trade Organization (世界贸易组织):暂无
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